My name is Udi Koomran I am a music enthusiast sound engineer & producer from Tel Aviv, Israel. Recording mixing and mastering original and challenging music is my passion.

For over a decade the technology of faster more powerful and affordable computers, larger storage capacities and wider bandwidth has radically changed the way music is being recorded produced and shared. More and more musicians are recording music in their home studio using digital audio workstations/programs and it no longer takes a lot of money and gear to achieve high standard results. The methods and practice of collaborating and sharing digital audio between artists sound engineers producers and labels are constantly changing and challenging us.

From my personal experience of working with artists and labels from around the world for over a decade, I grew to understand the musician’s need of knowledge in working with digital audio in a home studio. In the following pages I will try and share with you fellow musicians what I personally regard are the basic guidelines and key points that are necessary for making a successful home recording project :

Planing and preparing your sessions
The recording chain and the importance of each link
Setting the fundamental parameters for tracking and recording
Tips for collaborating and sharing your tracks and session
Post recording tasks
Necessary details for submitting your tracks for mixing

Following this guide will hopefully eliminate undesirable scenarios like wrong sessions, missing files, synchronization issues etc. And ensure we make the most of our time in the studio to make the music sound great.

I plan to continue and add more chapters on how to submit your mixes for mastering and share some recording and mixing tips.