Earlier, at the Station I am Mr. Golyadkin about to enter [Ka]f[ka]'s Castle. My Double [Agent] doesn't depend upon my authority all of the time. I leave enough behind. Threads and breadcrumbs...

I govern my small plot of LAN from the isolation of the real world. I do not mix with common code, nor do I visit the sewers. I rarely venture out but my influence is far reaching.

You do the same.
Underground, we do divide --
we expand our separate empires through this
agency over action.

I tap out the terms with my fingertips, writing transmissive agents to do the dirty work for me.
I review the necessary documents, and issue commands to advance my electro-colonialism, depositing ID.entity elsewhere through the actions of my emerAgents. My clicks form cliques -- exclusive sets of data that define me. At one location I consist of A:[a bracketed set of user information] at another I am constructed from B:[a bracketed set of user information]. From one domain to the next the ID.entity of my empire is different, altered and configured by my agents to appease the requirements of the foreign system. I am not 5'8'' with brown hair when I am there. Identification is not dependent upon appearance or presence but upon the collective significations of my fragmentary Agents -- I govern remotely. These agents, particles of {i} are dispatched deep into the netherworld to serve as diplomats for myself.

Communification for {i} and {n}, getting {in}, is constructed from those excavated, pillaged, unearthed (re:quested) fragments of the elsewhere that are returned to the homeland. I know {n} through the writing of my Secret(ed) Agents. Information is collected and a dossier is built. {n} knows {i} through the acts of our mutual agents.

The cross-cultural deposits -- {i} to {n} and back again -- infer the conditions of exchange -- tracing the routes of Secret(ed) Agents -- the authorized message, encrypted and encoded, transmitted, disseminated through the apparatus as it is transferred from location to location, protocol after protocol, transformed, made completely remote and subject to an other time. I lie in wait. I am primarily interested in results.
Dear Roxanne (de.vice),
{I} demand that the ?[sub|ob]ject be returned to me, that my affections be registered and acted upon, that the FACE {I} see is appropriate to my advances. {I} have provided the required documents and have passed every test. Please return home.
- Agents of Cyrano