Delacroix: Virgule and Dante on a Mission  
There is an epic missed.story beneath this all. Hidden from plain sight... The journeys of Secret(ed) Agents, the carriers of my encrypted desire, form a mythology of attachment and passage through the apparatus that is heavily written, but generally lost to my experience of the apparatus. It is the absence of this central story that allows space to be truncated, for remote and local terminals to merge, confusing (t)here with (t)here. This is a testament to the secrecy of Agents -- the successful creation of co.version (a secondary iteration appears with little physical effort, its creation is obscured by the interfacial, superficial object). Fullfillment of the agential mythos diminishes the use-value of a logistical understanding of the apparatus, or the workings of appliance.

In our push for results (the joy of dis-play) we become less interested in the progress of idions. We do not suffer well. Though we sense our extension as author of the immediate transmission, dispatching these particles of identity, our radiance is only made evident through re:jection of the pro:jection -- the remembering of the projection to its originator. Is this it? Which is to say -- returning the image to its concept, to the idea (mythos to ethos). The projected idions return an informed, global ideon. As such, the returned projection is a reflection of the general into the specific -- a retaliation of foreign forces against the organizers of the electro-colonial im.pulse, a simulation of the same.

MyIdions explore the cryptic and rigorous bureaucracy of network protocols... A labyrinth of narrow conduits... Their inVentures are Homeric, to the extent that they are exTensive -- there seems to be no end to the rigors and transformations the hero must endure. Yet, for all their hard work negotiating passage for ID.entity and the promise of return, they are lost, buried beneath the sentiment/sediment of the moment. They pretend at the facilitation of my personal desire, but these Idions are thoughtless. Secret(ed) Agents are not only Double, they are Special Agents. The lexicon of diplomacy is a series of encoded exchanges, movements of digits that are not determined by flux but through their processing at various terminals. They serve multiple purpose, they double-deal. While participating in the formation of ID.entity, the idion also plays a formal role within the apparatus as a sort of nutrient copuscle. The network as an entity, is a large metabolic system through which agents pass -- the exact purpose of the network is to allow the passage of agents from one organ to the next, to be processed, digested into the general economy of the apparatus. Life's blood.

For myself, the f.logometric value of Secret(ed) Agents is measured through their ability to negotiate divergent foreign systems in the name of {i}, for the sake of extending local territiories into the remote. Deterritorialization is subtext, as I am absent from this scene, and must rely upon the journalistic output, the debriefing of my 'puppet-repeats' upon their return to form the mythology of their exchange.

It remains that I must write the hyperactive inVenture of my Agents by denying them presence in the treasure house. The more successful the expedition, the less obvious the Agents of MyIdion. Their heroism depends upon their ability to conjure without flaw. Transparency across the apparatus, at the screen exaggerates the allure of the FACE, as window, a two-way radio to the front.

AGENT: in consideration of the selfish inTentions of your request, I must inform you that you are part of something larger. You are drawn into the Molar System, like so many collected satellites. You send me in, the cosmonaut to explore the artificial... Anchored to the ground, the scaffold stretches planetary consciousness... Transmuting information into energy, I shot out to *.