In my defense, I state that it is not what I see but where I see it that carries the seductive force at the terminal. Certainly, the 'superficial, interfacial, face to face' at the terminal is the location of my focus, but I am mesmerized by the actuality it allows me to dis-play -- the immediacy and temporary nature of its delivery.

{ ORG[D1](...) }{ DE.VICE [D2] (...) // }{ (...) [D2+] | [sub|ob]ject (...) RE: }{ \\ (...) [D(x)][sub|ob]ject DE.VICE }{ [D(x)+][sub|ob]ject(...)ORG }{[D(x)+] : [D1]}

Desire is expressed through the construction of variable Narcisystems that privilege local space over remotional attachment. They are selfish constructs that limit exposure to the apparatus by denying the rigors of transmissive agency, reducing the ideoscope to an idioscopic range.

The hope is that the machine submit, that I get what I want, and I want it now, and I want more... Narcisystems are volatile rheostats -- desire, in local space, moves along a separate ellipse than that of its projected attributes, the encoded [pro|ob]ject that is written as cryptic potential -- the Secret(ed) Message. Though the attachment to various devices, and the encoding of desire mark the mechanism as intertimate, the actuality of the dis-play -- the prominence of the IN-OUT over the processing of the information by the apparatus -- indicates otherwise. Elsewhere, the netherworld, the underground are ignored by the Originator of the Narcisystem.

Though there is a degree of virtual materialism in this relationship between Narcisys and the returned [sub|ob]ject at the screen, the Narcisystem is not defined by the objecthood of the fetish.
Rather, the screen signals the completion of a local circuit -- {i} becomes currency and the local relationship between desire and its object is based more upon conductivity than collective or connective effects. In fact, the main seductive force that maintains Narcisystemic attachment is the exchange of desire for energy. Though the focus of the Originator is upon the consumable image, The Narcisystem burns white hot in local/remote (spaceless) space -- a radiant micro-Molar System.