The Negative Eschatology of Maurice Blanchot





Abbreviation Key

Proem: Blanchot

Who is Blanchot?

Politics and the Other

Work and Friendship

The Question of Literature and Engagement

Influence and Translation

The Poetics Thesis

An Obscure Novel

Thomas and the Abyss

I. The Sea

II. The Abyss

The Tragic Man

I. Absent Presence

II. Infinite Deliberations

III. Obscure Thomas

IV. The Resolution of Igitur

The Orphic Experience

I. Contesting the Limits

II. Rencontre: Hotel

III. Book of Shadows

IV. Descent

V. Reunion

VI. The Gaze

VI. Anne's Second Death

VII. Elegy and Return

Appendix: Apparitions in the Night

Works Cited


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