"But I revolted; esteeming it apt and proper rabidly to inveigh against these heterodoxies, affirming that I for one preferred a dignified death by hunger, rather than to transform myself into a machine, which, when filled by a pig, would produce literature paragonable only to sausages, flabby, flaccid, enervate, and obscene. And upsetting my tea, I fell over the dog (of course there was a dog); and away I went in a rage."
"... He looked all over the tea-leaf coloured garb, the corduroy trousers and jacket, the jute-soled canvas shoes frayed and stained and amorphous with a thousand miles of walking, the withered cloak, the dreadful cap; but he noted that the socks and the finger-nails were clean, and that the whole arrangement was concise. He revolted at the thin unkempt beard and hair, wondering what the face would look like after shaving. The voice attracted him, low and minor, with its delicate swift vibrant enunciation. He was interested in the misadventures of an identity: for his visitor was a most distinct identity. ..."
" 'Complete agreement signifies complete stagnation. Disagreement at least postulates activity; and only by activity is The Best made manifest and approved.'"