This is only a smattering of the countless Joyce resources available on the web, but it's a start ...

The James Joyce Centre (in Dublin)

James Joyce Resource Center

The International James Joyce Foundation

James Joyce Quarterly

The James Joyce Foundation in Sydney, Australia

In Bloom: a webpage devoted to the works, life, and study of James Joyce

Work in Progress: A Website Devoted to the Writings of James Joyce

Brazen Head: a James Joyce Public House

Hypermedia Joyce Studies: an electronic journal of Joycean criticism

The Trieste Joyce School

The James Joyce Museum

A James Joyce Web Page, from Australia

Eurojoys: The European James Joyce Forum

Bill Cadbury's Homepage: a lot of information related to Finnegans Wake

James Joyce Trivia: Japanese Joyce site, in English as well as Japanese

Zurich James Joyce Foundation

Ulysse: a French Joyce page

Ear's Eye for James Joyce: artist Susan Weil's tribute to Joyce - beautiful

Studies in Bibliography: some notes and images from the study of the Ulysses notebook of 1918


'Finnegan's Web: A Webified version of James Joyce's Finnegans Wake'

ASCII version of Finnegans Wake text

A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man



Chamber Music (poetry)

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