"Now you're showing me you can use the language
Yet did you understand?                                               
                                            smoke       nails                      
 are you able to unbury the ship?"                    
Barbara Guest             

Introducing my exterior
it was blue yes and smooth oh
you liked it
for no rough edges,
you thought you'd order a dozen
in different colors,
where you could secure your ship

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in over smooth, dark waters,
You rocked, captain,
you rocked and felt your edges. 

My own ships, oh my beautiful hot angers
so long I have hidden you --
steam ships with tin boilers ripping.
or the endless cellars of wine
on the ships of France.
I taste you and drink
to breaking of smooth waters,
to flat              dark              stretches
now choppy,
                          ports skipping with foam,
                                                      with birds
that follow for garbage
                                thrown from the deck.