No ideas but in things.

N o w t h e e n t i r e f i e l d i s r e d.
& then

Adam, as Blake illuminated him,
leans his back besides the Tree of Knowledge, casually,
lean, sinewy, & bold
under twilight's sun & moon
amidst the plaints of nightingales
Eve rises out of a nearby transparent pool
where silver trout dart amidst green algae
as Blake illuminated her,
lean, sinewy, demure,
hair dripping with Paradisiacal waters,
Paradise's water streaming down her nude body
she dances out
catches Adam's longing glance
as Eve2 rises behind her.

If the Spectator could enter into these Images in his Imagination, approaching them on the Fiery Chariot of his Contemplative Thou-

N o w t h e e n t i r e f i e l d i s b l a c k.
& then.

Dante, as Blake might have illuminated him,
contemplative, seeking, purple-tuniced
climbs the spiral stairs of the tower at sunrise,
fleeing the advances
of Petrarch's Laura, as Blake might have illuminated her,
contemplative, smiling, empty-eyed
searching out Beatrice,
"Beatrice, Beatrice."
a Laura2,
& a Laura3,
pursue him up the stairs.
He thinks, out of breath that he has escaped her
but on the sixth landing
there she is,
Dante opens his mouth to speak, he does know what; cannot.

Here they are no longer talking of what is Good & Evil, or of what is Right or Wrong, & puzzling themselves in Satan's Labyrinth, But are Conversing with Eternal Realities aas they Exist in the Human Imagination. We are in a World of Genera-

N o w t h e e n t i r e f i e l d i s r e d.
& then

Adam gazes in disbelief, wants to, but cannot speak
as Eve2 rises out of Paradise's water as the sun sets.
He slides down the Tree, grips the breaking bark to keep his balance
as Eve1's head comes off, blood spilling out
as the trout die & rise to the pool's surface
& an Eve3 rises with Eve2 & both approach.
as Eve2 & Eve3, dry, approach, dancing,
& an Eve4 arises -
whom Adam barely notices -
out of Paradise's water,
now polluted with unknown matter.

Harmony and Proportion are Qualities & not Things. The Harmony and Proportion of a Horse are not the same with those of a Bull. Every Thing has its own Harmony & Proportion. Two Inferior Qualities in it. For its Reality is its Imaginative Fo-

N o w t h e e n t i r e f i e l d i s b l a c k.
& then

Dante heads down the staircase,
glimpsing back to see Laura4 grinning maliciously,
blindly gropes for the staircase's pearly bannister,
"Beatrice, Beatrice."
But it has vanished.
& he tumbles down the stone stairs,
its spinning
sunlight breaks in.
He regains his balance at the third landing.
Laura4 is above him.
There is no Laura below him.
He decides to head down,
hesitating, slowly,
step by step,
"Beatrice, Beatrice."

Vision or Imagination is a Representation of what Eternally Exists, Really and Unchangeably. Fable or Allegory is formed by the daughters of Memo-

N o w t h e e n t i r e f i e l d i s r e d.
& then

The nightingales are screeching in Paradise.
Eve2& Eve3 dance toward Adam,
as he slides down the Tree.
Dusk has ended
& Adam's only light is the night's stars.
Eve4 follows.
The Eves cease to dance.
As they near Adam 
the skin on their faces dissolves
as if by acid
they reach for Adam, now seated & shouting silently
their faces skulls,
& touch him. 

All that we see is Vision, from Generated Organs gone as soon as come, Permanent in The Imagination, Consider'd as Nothing by the Na-

N o w t h e e n t i r e t h e f i e l d i s b l a c k.
& then

Dante trembles down the stairway,
guided by the wall as if blind,
the sun, at its zenith,
shines through the tower's windows.
He flickers like a candle, listening for the Lauras,
but does not hear them.
Reaches the second landing.
Reaches the first landing.
Slows down,
turns the
Reaches the bottom, turns to the wooden door,
"Beatrice, Beatrice."
Opens it, rushes out,
into the arms of the waiting skull-faced Lauras.


Only the imagination is real.

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©2000 by Ramez Qureshi