When I first met X, it was addicted to the act of lying to others about the fact it didn't lie.


When I first met Y, they were add[Attention: Deficiency: Disorder]icted to the act[or] of lying [in this bed, bed full of word crumbs, stumbling conversational shards leading to a forelorn/gone conclusion] to others about the fact[ory floor were they worked, 18 hr days full of smoke filled machinic hums and black smoke gouts filling their lungs] they didn't lie [under the couch clutching their head full of beating bird wings as if falling from a great height].

When I first meet Z, he is add[ing to the scene, their scene, they scribe words of blood on sheaves of their own skin]icted to the act[ion genre revamped, is it or isn't it?] of ly[re-birdish singing helps, mimicking another in an effort to live]ing to others about the fact[ion or fiction? must decide] he didn't lie [crooked or straight as a died pubic hair].

When eye…


When I first meet Zed, she is add[or minus attraction into the equation, make a story about a girl rejected in her childhood by all and sundry]icted to the act[one scene two: the girl grows slowly and learns to hold and break everything she touches] of lying [on her back and thinking of a geographical place she refuses to believe in] to others [that hate as much as she, bark orders and twist her head further into black] about the fact she didn't [want to stroke her skin or stop her lust for red] lie.

When eye[let]…   

When I first [thirst for] meat Zead, I am add[led of egg and broke of heart]icted to the act[ive states of blood] of lying [inner pool of] to others about the fact[itive stance is ending] I don't lie [here anymore].