J E A N N E T T E   L A M B E R T   and   R A Q U E L   R I V E R A

The Destroyer wills and would - a heady, overwhelming area.

Overwhelm the rooftops, reservoir of young nothing;


what do I regret?

Down with regret.

when I was young
and looked down upon the rooftops
I had a heady sensation of flying
an overwhelming urge to soar

that I have accepted as
something recollected,
nothing to do with me now

I have become a reservoir
of useless information
a destroyer of that area of magic

I once inhabited
would they let me go back
if I could?

a random word game
by Jeannette Lambert & Raquel Rivera

chance and imagination,
words selected at random,
poems traded back and forth
across the table that exists only here,
in cyberspace. We offer you
sketches on a napkin,
our web art concoction
invented using surrealist techniques
to kickstart the creative process