6  r  e  a  s  o  n  i  n  g 
reasoning with school-scone in stomach abs gone to the culminating of resultant
informations literally dropped out roommates from the scene non-derridean sloka of 
punishment and paucity needing the strippers to gainsay telephone sestinas oafish
cords thrown to wine-soaked inroads not the least bottoming-out on garage nagas 
impeded inversions not caring that spoilage not caring gotta go to the least common

accurately spoken by an equisse-carrying foreigner
not too lamented for the sameness of true money
that a result is nabimibian in surreptiousness meeting
with reaching out for quality-time not floundering where
possible codifications of true money and not caring
even when in squalid sacred italics lovely women
only known through text and when told about nature
the opacity of duress cut-off through wondering asks
so strange the feeling, can know itself? gets 
hotter that the resultant imagination orgone dullness
got serviceable messages like mucking the rollers

blunt as thinking whether they'd notice whose impossible saving-function always causes
emptiness and reversals of doctrinaire recherche, melodrama under glass, fool of the 
trial-lawyer thanking treatments thinly talking to anachronisms waiting to diet on the 
melodic reunion of hell and heaven tipping the romance vitally witnessed in my mindset 
stylized remora fortune to sing ghosts in rendered pliancy theoretical summer overheard 
by doing no work for themselves when possible silences aerate compulsivity of ten-dollar 
spitshines with the protest songs not havens for hymn-singers learning how to lose their 
selfhood wherever the repulsion straight on the aromatherapy litigants matriculate 
impotently thankful to regenerative emulations of sprockets filed away with ball-

seamless intention of looking through a desktop rendered forgone conclusions
into the ghostly music from awareness topically disinherited amazingly gone
though not responded for a worldview not spun down the haversack tapping
theorical dropouts in their resultant-grossnesses topically omniscient of looking 
without steaming a thing of matchbox standards the armor on the self building up 
a jarring karmic resonance lost in otherwise selfless preventive sell-offs of
silverware imploded from the front of ahead/behind matelots yourself the grueling 
anger and sportshirt dresser offering a candle for our love of itemization no one 
else talking to them anymore the dogs outside the water-proof collander tolerable 
and removed from the tryst in worldless sleep nice to be polite camphor smell 
everywhere therefore the fading imagination whose portions were deleted 
immodestly fortunate with a prairie to slave over while the cubanisiso wails
through all the persons who've isolated in their boxes away from conscience thin 
as the derangement to commence without impending soulmates organized into 
sadness with the other person in the ethereal lost youth resigned to widenosed 
atrocities glamorized by winter and spring quandries limited for the moment by 
matriculation coming back...

sorry for the omissions of forgiveness coiling through a spunky reality or a personality
quirk of a id for wires not getting the knowledge offered even at the cause of true money 
ossifying the money themes iotas calling theorized into oblivion not the same position
wiring the good girls ate forgone rhizomes of whoever smells the best formative 
aromatherapist's indulgence blossomed out in suggestion forgo the possibility of going 
for raw amazement not caring everyone can eat shitless eyes of the tempest of autistic
music not the shredded precision likely not listening to the news for a quizzical email
suicide note with mourners' caskets for local weekend services in an ongoing war saying
nothing above the owing of a word or two about right and wrong for three-minute 
downtimes otherwise homepage internet sleepovers until going back to the sameness of
plastic frontline damage issued in usage the opaque isolation self-caused and continuing
in that alienating memorandum not the either/or fixation stopped by two daring issues
never going alone evermore alone not the simplesse noblility cannot blunt with forks...

required for the intentional growling of paradox and never reverie that supine on the couch a pod notifying the best of something toxic to them so fertile they terrified by believing in what was said to not loving whiteness or blanket-negations of hourly not being alkaline fiorello that was something honed for the rumorless namby-pamby issues of music thin as derived for attempts on his lifetime thrust into a blue and wet suffering of his own making this erasure tooled formative sloppiness yourself perhaps less carrion for the person who will not go away or clean up the house anytime soon waiting for someone to die and hoping it will arrive soon herself or himself those pretty bodies all lying in a row of language alienated for the memory thistle-naked photographs with distortion once they start talking will change the station to the all-talk station because there are better contexts there maybe now...

still hanging on the tree limb lost in the fused crucible seen as being able to get
the internet on themselves suicide an option not feared or shrunk from as the 
delvings amaze intemperate collectors not taken to the woodshop thoughtless 
omission so what the overwhelming the considerations self-interested by barking 
dogs' snailmail lying down now just so as not to have to talk with the people who 
really depend on the man who comes back from being away and does not depend 
or carom where the flying sips grasp normality of alcohol the jazzed intention 
groveling around annulment and impotence...

human rights' workers smelling it have become used to itself without the others in a
vacuum of reasoning topically shot dead the others or yourself intending the murder or
the arson a truly red-hot debate iterated by the pressure on the temple calligraphed 
formally sumptuous and never teated for the closed loopholes of safe school bills by big
bill the man with the cigar in her vagina and the becoming-warring over a lost civil war no 
longer a safe place to bring up children more than the vanity of commentaries for 
whoever standing up to volatile kids to wear wealth a hold on gunshy society to harm 
others or themselves therefore put more guns in the sewers and let the rats kill each 
other not caring about each other anymore...

now a bomb explosion on the division of broken glass was the car split in half not
visiting but being hereafter in a hell of my own making in blank prose/verse 
operating system thinking itself with nothing deemed for the rendered opinion 
of class wars reprocessed soylent green perhaps premature disadvantaged 
communities with resentment of the iterated majority as institutional racism if they
go to seep under the good hallway food sharpness immolated by bothersome 
gorging yesterday on the confusion of a mercy-truck that being the file you seem 
to bleed under myopic lenses meat for the herds the babble of a red casebook
warned without music of five injuries their problems with bombs ours' with guns 
in schools...

etoys.com funds this problem with excellencies owning stock in reopened fogetting 
cynical suddenly susans...


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