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Poem by Nari


6098 Released Atomic Coordinate Entries

Molecule Type

5397 proteins, peptides, and viruses
241 protein/nucleic acid complexes
447 nucleic acids
12 carbohydrates

Experimental Technique

161 theoretical modeling
924 NMR
5013 diffraction and other

Total size of the atomic coordinate entry
database is 2544 Mbytes uncompressed.

The works of Poem by Nari are results of a creative collaboration;
artists, writers, computer programmers, and Netizens of the world.

Digital code and data, program logic, information from cyberspace, all things digital, are source materials for creative exploration.

Your participation is welcomed. You can send your ideas and logic,
cyberstream data and debris via email to: pbn@warnell.com


todd sanders lives and works in pittsburgh pa as a graphic designer, poet and book publisher, though in another life he thought he was an architect. he has 2 collections of poetry "underland" and "lack river" published by the air and nothingness press. When he is not writing he can usually be found reading.

The 'selected work' is from Todd's wondrous site kicking giants -- (the opening page of which was the inspiration for the entrance hall of Studio Cleo)


George Quasha's work in poetry in recent years — following Amanita's Hymnal, Somapoetics, and Giving the Lily Back Her Hands — has continued in several strands: the "axial" poems (a selection of which comprises In No Time), the "oneirica" (including Ainu Dreams), and an open modality working with both the "somapoetic" and axial principles (The Preverbs of Tell- News Torqued from Undertime) The axial principle extends across mediums to visual and sound work-sound performance, drawings, stone works, installation and video.

His ongoing collaborations with Charles Stein and Gary Hill, begun in the 1970s, include sound poetry (e.g., Tale Enclosure, a Gary Hill single-channel video), text and on-site development of the installation Disturbance (among the jars) at the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris, various kinds of writing and live performances, the latter extending his over twenty years of performance and dialogical work with Charles Stein. Also with Charles Stein he has co-authored many works, including three recent books in a series, Gary Hill's Projective Installations 1-3: Hand Heard / liminal objects, Tall Ships, and Viewer.

He has edited several poetry anthologies including America a Prophecy (with Jerome Rothenberg), Open Poetry (with Ron Gross), and Active Anthology (with Susan Quasha); the journal Stony Brook (with Roger Guedalla); and, recently, The Station Hill Blanchot Reader.

He received an NEA Fellowship in poetry. In 1978, after teaching many years (SUNY Stony Brook, Bard College, Naropa Institute, and The New School for Social Research), he and Susan Quasha, with whom he continues to work and collaborate, founded Station Hill Press.

The poems published herein were written in collaboration with Chie (buun) Hasegawa. The poems and the essay were originally published in Ainu Dreams, © 1999 by George Quasha, Chie Hasegawa and Station Hill Press


Peter Ganick is publisher of Potes & Poets Press, which publishes perfectbound books, the series A.BACUS, a series of younger writers' chapbooks, and POTEPOET- ZINE/TEXT. His seventh book < a ' s a t t v > will be out soon from Chax Press. He has published numerous chapbooks. He thinks that poetry's purpose is 'to change the language.'

Some of Peter's other work may be seen on Around A Corner: an epidermis


David Knoebel is an artist/writer whose sculpture has been shown at galleries in the United States and in Europe. He is currently working on web, video, and billboard poetry. "The English language includes more than 250,000 words. Good combinations are still available."

David's other work can be seen at Click Poetry

Founder of the hypertext poetry site The Astrophysicist's Tango Partner Speaks (http://www.heelstone.com) and the internet literary magazine Riding the Meridian (http://www.heelstone.com/meridian), much of Jennifer Ley's newest work takes the form of hypertext poetry suites. Examples can be found on the Internet at the trAce anthology: My Millennium, in the November 1998 issue of Conspire, and the February issue of the Australian net/cd magazine, The Animist. Her newest work, the Body Politic (showcased herein), will be part of the Digital Arts and Culture Artists Salon, sponsored by Georgia Tech in Atlanta, October1999.

A 1998 Pushcart nominee, some of the literary magazines and websites that have published Ms. Ley's poetry include: Agnieszka’s Dowry, Terrain, Mobius, Salt River Review, Octavo, Conspire, Recursive Angel, 2River View, Tintern Abbey, Lynx: Poetry from Bath, Gravity, Disquieting Muse, The Melic Review and Poetry Magazine.com. Her work is anthologized on the net at Poetry Cafe, and has appeared in several print anthologies: Silhouettes On An Electric Sky, Athens Avenue, and Will Work for Peace.

"When my grandfather was a very young man he trained as a journeyman at a bookbinding shop in the small town of Hedemora. He purchased the shop in 1905 and continued working there until my father took over. Producing the leather-bound volumes was time consuming since each step of the process was done by hand.

I spent much of my childhood playing or working in the shop with my father. Although I never considered becoming a bookbinder, the years of intimate contact with that craft provided me with skills and experience which I continue to draw upon.

The first exhibition I had was in 1967. At the time I worked with graphic art. Later I began to paint and explore different materials and techniques. Today I work primarily with sculpture and painting as well as computer art. Some of the materials I work with are metal, paper and leather. Many of the objects I make borrow visual and structural elements from books."

More of Lars' work can be seen in his online gallery.

Reiner Strasser was born 1954 in Antwerpen, Belgium. He studied art, art history and philosophy at the University of Mainz, Germany in the 70's. His web works, international collaborations and web art projects date from 1996. His exhibitions/publications since 1997 include Parallel Notion Network (an international collaborative project celebrating technology, communication and art, 1997; online exhibition at the Room without Walls, Canada, 1997, 1999; Wr-eye-tings Sketchpad, USA, since 1997; ZINEn new media art gallery, Canada, since 1998; ArtQuadrat (online gallery),Germany, 1998. His work has appeared in The East Village Poetry Web (Journal of Art and Poetry by Jack Kimball); Volume Five, Japan, February 1999; POTEPOETTEXTEIGHTEE, electronic magazine, published by Potes & Poets Press and edited by Peter Ganick, NewYork, 1999; The Little Magazine CD 22 Gravitational Intrigue (an anthology of emergent hypermedia) University of Albany, NY, 1999 and Aix Art Contemporaine Web en Provence,1999. His Weak Blood international project attracted 76 participating artists from around the world April-June, 1999.

Kohei Shimizu was born in Okayama(Japan). He received his education in Graphic Design at Japanese Engineering College in Tokyo 1992-94. Kohei worked as graphic designer in an advertising agency in Tokyo from 1994 -1998. He is presently developing a New Media AD Agency called "Threek - && - Partner x" which he began in 1998.

Within Threeks.com he hopes to develop an object that includes an information-interface which is created by the source-code; it is to be akin to the one working on the PC now but the approach, in terms of style, is more concerned with the input of the imagination.

Talan Memmott is a writer living and working in San Francisco, California. He comes to writing from a background in fine art, having studied painting, installation, video and performance art, as well as critical theory. His hypertext theory/fiction work has appeared in the online publications Perforations, Perihelion, Big Bridge and frAme. Memmott currently works in the multimedia field as Production Director for the web development firm PERCEPTICON and serves as Creative Director for the literary hypermedia journal BeeHive.

Nathaniel Bobbitt (Harlem b.1952) has worked with real-time interactive media at Carnegie Mellon University as a flutist. His flute techniques naturally hybridize/lower the flute by two octaves and has been documented by Christopher Hopkins Professor Computer Music University of Minnesota. This work led to a recording at the Spanish National Radio (RNE-2) and a collaboration with the Harmonic Ranch (NYC) for soundtrack of John Giorno's movie "Subway" which aired on PBS and the French National TV.

Nathaniel is an art-technologist working on human driven animation through eye and hand behaviors. Elements of this exploration of "aiming" will be presented
as accepted papers at the AAAI Fall Symposium 1999, Invencao '99 (Brazil), MIND-4 (Ireland) 1999. The results of his new media residency at the Banff Centre 1998 (Canada) will be featured in a live webcast in conjunction Chteory MM's (Canada) special issue "Digital Bodies, Stochastic Minds, and cybervision." Since 1996 he has led a motion sensing dance project "Casting A Shadow" which features Anasazi cave and cliff dwellings. This collaborative piece includes the participation of Eric Lyon Composer/Professor Computer Music Dartmouth College, Phyllis Douglass (Choreographer), Spelman Evans Downer (Aerial Artist), and Mez (Web Artist). Nathaniel has a chapter "Generative Prose" in a new book on visual poetics and textual virtuality which is edited by Ted Warnell (Canada).

Nathaniel's work on 'pull animation' as mentioned in the introduction to his piece here can be seen at the following addresses:

Netscape Only:
Pull Toys
Animation Study
Dynamic User Input

More of Nathaniel's work can be seen on aiming at that and Real Time Multimedia: Human Driven Computer Graphics


Thomas Bell is a psychologist in private practice near Nashville, TN. He has had poetry, visual poetry, and animated visual poetry published in print media and on the WWW.

An index of Thomas' on-line work may be seen at this address.


Cecil Touchon has been working on a series of collages called The Fusion Series since 1983 and has produced well over 1,400 works in that time. This series forms the backbone of Touchon's artistic production. The companion works to the Fusion Series are the Post-Dogmatist Paintings for which the collages become studies. His portfolio can be seen by following this link.

His identity on the web is also that of the 'master' of The International post Dogmatist Group.

Jim Andrews is currently working on Vispo ~ Langu(im)age (since 1995) and slowly working on Webartery.com which is to be a collaborative Web art site. Prior to my current life as a Web artist (or something) in Seattle, I hosted and organized a weekly poetry reading series in Victoria Canada, published a magazine called And Yet, produced a literary radio program called FINE LINES and, later, ?FRAME? for six years that was heard across Canada, and published poetry, criticism, the odd story, and reviews in lit mags around North America.

Enigma n has been featured on Macromedia's DHTML Zone, France's DOC(K)S, and reviewed by Bill Marsh at Xenia and Ted Warnell at Zine n. Along with Seattle Drift and The Stir Fry Texts, it's part of my ongoing efforts to move into a poetry of motion and animism.

More of Jim's work can be seen at Vispo ~ Langu(IM)age

Shawn Phillips, being dragged into the computer age kicking and screaming, has been called the 'posterboy' of spreading oneself too thin; his various aliases and projects include:

- Chairman Mao - An alias for his musical composition, be it personal, or
soundtracks for websites and/or short films.

- Isotrigger - A three-piece studio team devoted to making thought-provoking
stories with sequential and storybook art.

- film - Directs his own music videos as well as short films, one of which
will begin production in October 1999.

- character design - Working with Younique Productions on an undisclosed
video game for the Sega Dreamcast.

- other art - World design, and other artwork for an as of yet unreleased
Final Fantasy role playing game.

- prose and poetry - an excerpt from Dope, Dreams and Deliverance has been published by Studio Cleo; other work has been published in various zines and in the Poets Guild Best New Poems 1994.

- Veneer Coffin Works, Ltd.- His production studio, which encompasses all he does in the creative process.

"A man wrapped up in himself will only make a small bundle." - a chinese
fortune Shawn has carried with him for five years now.

written, performed, recorded and mixed by shawn l phillips
recorded at veneer coffin works, ltd
mixed at sith's sanctum sanctorum

thanks: lance, fuzz & aaron for tech support, allen @ sith's sanctum sanctorum,
patty @ psp, claire @ studio cleo, chris @ dragonsoft graphics


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