1a) Can you concentrate your attention so that it does not wander away from the creative harmony?  
1b) Can you stay continuously aware of your breathe and make it as subtle as a baby's breath?[1]  
1c)Can you reside in the highest creative state, letting its luminous intelligence pour through you without congratulating your self ? 1d)Can you sacrifice your own preconceptions; let your craft take its birth though you and not think for a moment on recognition?  
1e) Can you keep your balance and give expression to creativity regardless of your circumstances in life.  

2a) The Universe gives life to all and sustains them yet lets them live their own lives It gives Itself completely to all beings and expects nothing in return.  

3a) The mastercraftsman, knowing this, serves his creative purpose without concern for the market or his place in history.

 [1] Since breath has such great importance, the greatest possible importance, it is clear that the way to bring order and harmony to our body, to bring order and harmony to our mind, to harmonize mind with body, and to harmonize body and mind with soul, is by the breath. It is the development of breath, knowledge of breath, practice of breath which help us to get ourselves straightened out, to put ourselves in tune, to bring order into our being. There are many who without proper guidance and knowledge practice breath. Year after year they go on and very little result is achieved. Many go out of their minds, and very often the little veins of the brain and chest are ruptured by wrong breathing. There are many who have experienced this by not knowing how to breathe. One has to be extremely careful; one must do breathing practices rightly or not do them at all. 
 Hazrat Inayat Khan, The Secret of Breath